Global energy demand, driven by population growth and rising prosperity, will continue to grow, especially in the Asia Pacific region. As those highly populated countries are rapidly being industrialised, we are mindful that we have to offer the most environmentally friendly fossil fuels for power generation, transportation, construction, etc., thus making a significant contribution to the reduction of harmful emissions.

We make a conscious effort to solve the global challenge of climate change and environmental protection, by searching for sustainable energy solutions that will serve all objectives for this and future generations

Our goal is to create one of Asia Pacific’s premier energy companies, focused on operational excellence, equipped with the people, assets and financial strength to compete globally.


We understand the technical challenges and financial risks involved in the exploration and development of oil and gas operations. Working closely together with our worldwide strategic partners, we provide innovative solutions to the various complex issues involved, to secure long term energy needs and achieve the best value, return and overall outcomes for our investors/shareholders.

We apply the latest technologies available, like horizontal drilling, geo-chemical data collection, coupled with immersive 3-D geo-sciences visualization to obtain maximum yield and longevity of the wells which are discovered following our intensive exploration processes.

Our goal is to seek long term presence, whilst always conducting ourselves responsibly, professionally and within the local communities, where we treat with the highest standard and regard at all times, safety, health, ecological and environmental concerns, as being our utmost priorities.

To achieve this strategic mission, we constantly attract, retain and develop under our employ, the most talented and seasoned professionals from all around the world who possess diversified experience in the various fields of energy and natural resources as well as finance and related fields.

Working in tandem with our strategic partners and dedicated teams of highly motivated multi-discipline professionals, will vigorously pursue and attain those energy reserves always required for the current and continued sustainable growth for lifetimes ahead.

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