Our management team believes that the world is at the early stages of a major transformation with global impact, which continues to dramatically change the way we live. Forward-looking managers and investors with the right vision will benefit enormously from these accelerating changes. The best investment firms will continue to identify and further develop opportunity in order to generate ever-increasing profits for their investors.

FVG principals have accumulated extensive experience in international capital markets, helping us to maintain a wide range of business relationships. Equipped with country and industry-specific knowledge, we efficiently evaluate opportunity through in-depth financial models, options and sensitivity analysis; and formulate financial strategy to align investor and proposed corporate value.

Emerging markets of Asia-Pacific have presented tremendous challenges yet produced outstanding return on investment. Developing countries are inspired to lay the foundation of energy infrastructure (oil & gas exploration/production, LNG seaport terminal/storage facilities, electric power plants, etc.)  thus sustaining their economic growth. Together with our funding partners, we provide not only substantial capital investment through either FVG Energy Fund or FVG Infrastructure Fund to specific ventures, but also management experience and advanced technology to ensure successful project completion hence favourable financial return

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